Half Share $200

This share is recommended for a couple with mild vegetable use.  

Full Share $300

This share is our most common and is recommended for most.  It usually provides a weeks worth of greens and an array of vegetables.  Usually flowers and something different each week.  

Mushroom Share $100

This is the best way to enjoy a vast array of mushrooms. These mushrooms range from our log cultivated shiitake mushrooms and lions Maine, to our wine cap and oyster mushrooms.  

Pickup Thursday or Saturday

Visit the Farm Stand where there is always something unique to try


Many heirloom and old fashioned fruits and vegetables 

Cut Flowers

Come explore our beautiful flowers and herbs!


Payment for crop shares can be made payable to Watercure Farm.  Please mail or deliver payments

94 Hampton Road 

Pomfret Center, CT 06259